Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jeff Wolfe aka Eagle Scout!

Jeff & Brady received their Eagle rank in the Boy Scout of American on March 31st at the Grange Hall where they both did their Eagle projects. It was a fun night. Thank you to Paisley, Mara, Linda, Vanita, Ben, Dan, Sherwood, Delbert, Doug, Jackie & Jenn for helping out so much. Having great people in Jeff's life is how he got here in the first place.

 Molly leading everyone in the Pledge of Alligiance. She was very nervous but she found the courage to get through it.
Dan Jordan, his Scout Master for 2 years. He presented Jeff and shared the story of Jeff almost getting kicked out of Scout camp for burning a wasps nest.
Ben Buck, his current Scout leader, presenting the Eagle pins to Jeff.

Jeff's mentor, Delbert Wolfe, his Grandpa. He helped and supported him all through Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Jeff's mentor, his 11 year old Scout leader, Sherwood Smith. He challenged him to get his Eagle rank by 14 years old.

Eagle Nest, all the guys who have earned their Eagle Rank

Future Photographer!

  Uncle Doug leading the Eagle Scouts in the Eagle Promise

The Elks Lodge presenting the Scout's their American flags that have flown over our National Capital.

Washington Grange Hall 313 Council

My son is an Eagle Scout! I'm so grateful he worked so hard and accomplished his goals. He's a great kid!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is Scary to Jack?

Jack came to me and asked if I wanted to see something really scary. I asked him what and was especially concerned after seeing what he was holding, Ben's Gun & Ammo magazine. He flipped it over and showed me this....a Grandma shooting a gun. Really scary! Made me laugh. Notice his green nail polish Hannah painted on him for St Patricks Day.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why We Take Them Swimming

Doing this . . .
Produces this . . .
Silence is heaven to the ears after hours of screaming. It's the little things.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Grand Canyon! WOW!

Jeff's Eagle Projet: CHECK

DONE! (This was not staged! He really crashed at the end.)
The glorious back hoe that saved DAYS worth of time, literally! Those roots were stubborn even for the back hoe. Thank you to Jason Stadelman for figuring that out and working it all day.
LUNCH! Pulled pork and watermelon. This crowd was easy to please.
Some of the 67 people who showed up to help Jeff out. 67!!! Wow!
A few men showin' the boys how to build stairs. Turned out great!
Broken foot? No problem, there was a job for everyone!
One of six MASSIVE stumps that they pulled out. Those roots were as long as the plant was tall. They were planted in 1950 and they did not want to leave.
We raked!
We painted!
We built!
We burned--a lot!
We put in a porch ceiling in seafoam green.
We planted and spread.
We roofed!
We trimmed!
We hauled!
and hauled and hauled!
We moved a lot of dirt!
And we accomplished a whole lot in 6 hours! Thank you!!